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Taking an on-demand course with HMA/THP!

An on-demand course is a course that you can begin at the time of your choosing! When you register using one of the links below, you will be automatically entered into the course, or you can contact us to organize your own custom bundle of courses. Our on-demand courses fall within several of our school’s programs – you will find them organized accordingly below!

Here you can view the full range of online courses we are offering on-demand! That means you can take the course(s) of your choice at the time of your choosing instead of waiting for it to roll around on the course schedule. To the right you can view the set access period for your on-demand course based on how long the course is meant to be. Extensions are available upon request, and you can find the correlating admin fees on our Tuition Policy page. To arrange an extension, simply send us an email.

All courses are online, you can participate from anywhere you have an internet connection!

Bundles are available for on-demand courses as well! You can add these courses into a regular bundle with ‘live’ classes, or select multiple on-demand courses to create your own custom curriculum. For help with organizing your custom bundle, or enrolling in an on-demand course with an alternative payment method such as Venmo, check, money order, or cash, send us an email here:

On-Demand Courses Available Now

Austere Medicine:

Emergency Response:

  • 1 week course, tuition is $25.
  • 8 week course, tuition is $150.