#7.  Stock your pantry, stock your car, always be ready for anything.  Being prepared for the next big storm can start as simply as buying an extra bag of rice and gallon of water on your next trip to the store.  Do you have an emergency bag in your car or in your home?  We’ve got lots of ideas for you in our Scout Go-Bag interactive workshop!

#8.  Go for a walk.  Adults spend an average of 87% of their day indoors and another 6% in the car.  Open the door and get outside!  Fresh air and just doing a simple walk cost nothing and will help everything from dealing with winter blues to boosting body fitness.  Grab a friend and identify some medicinal plants while you’re out there!  One of our favorite phone apps for this is iNaturalist or PlantSnap.

#9.  Connect to the plants!  Herbal medicine is rapidly growing with new research done on the amazing benefits of the healing power of plants.  Herbal formulas can often help those that do not respond well to conventional medicine and can be reach those who can’t afford a full cupboard of prescriptions.  Learn all about the amazing benefits of prickly pear!  Here is a free handout that teaches you all about it!

#10.  Reach out to your community.  Now more than ever as humans, we really need each other.  Volunteer to walk dogs at your local shelter, offer to take your elderly neighbor to the grocery store, or just send a hand-written note to someone in your life.  All of these things feel good AND they make others feel seen and cared for.  Times can be tough – making that connection is one of the most important things we can do for others.

#11.  Do you know where you are?  Can you read a map and do you know how to use a compass?  This is another skillset that has been overshadowed by a growing dependence on our phone’s GPS and map tools!  Without cell service, many of us would be totally lost!  Putting a city street map guide in our cars, or learning to orient ourselves with the surroundings helps you catch your bearings when technology fails. Learn land navigation!

#12.  Grow things.  Green onions in a water cup on your windowsill will grow NEW onions with enough light.  Micro-greens can be started indoors and sown in days for your salads & sandwiches.  Containers can be filled with dirt & seedlings on your balcony or back porch for flowers you can eat or admire, herbs that you can make into medicine or root vegetables you can tend even during the cold months of winter.  Talk to your plants, & fill your living space with oxygen & new growth.