#1.  Mastering the art of making medicinal cocoas and hot toddies.  Learning how to disguise herbal medicine into winter favorites like cocoa, hot apple cider or mulled spirits will keep you healthier, happier, and introduce those around you to a new way of thinking about self care.  Check out our favorite recipe here!

#2.  Tap into your inner Viking and get empowered by fire and metal.  Once you know how to forge a knife, there is so much you can do!  The ability to make your own knives or customized tools is a powerful skill to have.

#3.  Be A Medic.  First aid skills are necessary for EVERYONE.  Infected cuts, deep splinters, a sprained ankle or an injury on a camping trip — be the go-to person for your family and loved ones.  You can prevent further injury, keep a person from going into shock, reduce pain, or even save a life just by knowing what to do.  Do you have a first aid kit?  Check out how to make one!

#4.  Keep warm in the outdoors.  Being comfortable in the outdoors, knowing how to start a fire and make a shelter and get water that is safe to drink help you get closer to nature.  Spending time outdoors helps to fortify the immune system and soothe anxiety, stress & seasonal depression.

#5.  Transform your food into medicine and your medicine into food! For many people, meals are on the go and whatever is handy out of a vending machine or drive-through.  There are tons of budget-wise ideas and ways to keep healthy and strong.  Download our free ‘Six Winter Uses for A Grapefruit!’  handout!

#6.  Do one exchange this month that does not include money!  The art of the barter is a great way to build community, learn new skills and master a more sustainable life.  It can be as easy as doing a ‘supper trade’ where you exchange meals with a neighbor or friend!  Check out The Barter Experiment on Facebook where we have been hosting community barters since 2014!