Continuing Education for healthcare. We frequently have healthcare providers attend the WHFR to meet workplace requirements in wilderness medicine training.  Healthcare professionals with additional austere and wilderness medicine training expand their skillset for working in emergency environments.  THP / HMA is licensed with the state of Texas to offer CEU credits for massage therapists.

River guides, back-country guides and other outdoor education professions.  Many of these jobs require wilderness first aid certification and for those who spend more time in the outdoors, the WFR is a coveted training.

Teachers, Educators, Camp Counselors. During summer months, camps look for trained personnel with WFA and WFR certifications, CPR certifications and comfort levels working with emergency situations.

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief workers. While many positions are volunteer-based, organizations are frequently looking for those skilled in the outdoors and in disaster management.  Wilderness medicine training is based on the premise that there is no higher care within one hour – making a WFR or WFA-trained staff member an asset.