Many of our clinical herbal medicine students are located throughout the US, and travel can be difficult for some.  90% of the clinical program is online distance learning with interactive courses, tele-clinic opportunities for round table and case study work and guided study sessions that can be done from a student’s location.

On-Site trainings can be scheduled well in advance or timed to get all on-site training done at once.

Currently due to the pandemic, all clinical hours are done as remote using teleclinic spots for 2020 and 2021, until it is safe for both staff, students and clients to interact.

On-Site Trainings

Five-Day ‘Skills for Herbalists’ course.  This is a 40-hour training that includes everything from clinical set up to hands-on work with formulations, food as medicine, nutrition, wildcrafting and horticulture to client assessment and clinical skills.

Clinical Exposure Weeks.  These are offered throughout the US and occasionally in other countries.  We have a minimum of one clinical week scheduled each year to allow for 40+ hours of intensive clinical and cultural training in communities with under-served populations.

Community Herbal Clinics. For students in the San Antonio area, monthly community clinics allow the opportunity to attend regular clinic sessions for documented clinical training hours as well as the chance to work with returning clients and monitor care.