Week 1 – Introduction to Doula Work:
Covering everything from philosophy and what a doula is and isn’t, the uniqueness of The Human Path Doula, where did this concept come from and where is the profession going. Getting started on the journey and the descriptions of many types of doulas. What is our philosophy as doulas? Review of THP Doula Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. Communication and Cultural Competency for Doulas and the Global vision of Doula work in disaster and austere situations. The significance of informed choice and consent during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Initial paperwork for a doula starting.
Week 2 – A & P for Doulas
The maternal adaptation to pregnancy and birth. Fundamental changes of each body system. Complaints of pregnancy. Review of herbal recommendations during pregnancy. Fetal growth basics.
Week 3 – Antepartum Doula Work
Antenatal care by the doula. Basics of prenatal care and how to guide a mom/family with the many decisions needed. Holistic prenatal doula work. Nutritional skills useful for doulas. Discomforts of prenatal period and herbal support. Preparation for birth and birth plans. Discussion of primary and secondary foods. Definition of Family and working with family members. Interview process, paperwork, log forms, client handouts.
Week 4 – Labor and Birth
Becoming competent in Birth, becoming competent in preparing a woman/family for labor and birth. Review of the medical model of the stages of labor vs the holistic stages of labor. Physiologic labor and birth, signs/symptoms of true and false labor, Pre-labor, the hormones of labor and Labor “pain”. The Fear, Tension Pain cycle. The 4 P’s of Labor. Educating the client regarding the birth process. Understanding birth as a right of passage. The emotional aspect of Doula work. Development of a birth plan.
Week 5 – Birth Doula Work
The role of the doula during birth. Emotional, physical and informational needs of the woman in labor. The mindset for labor. Supporting a woman during labor. Supporting family and other support people. Exploration of different birth settings. Working with medical staff. Relaxation and Comfort measures reviewed. Hot and Cold therapy. Hydrotherapy. Labor positions. Birth balls/peanut balls. Rebozos. Your Doula Bag. Documenting the birth (for mom/family). More depth and breathe of being a doula.
Week 6 – Support in the Hospital Setting:
Collaborative care, local policies, interventions, routine care/typical interventions in the hospital, levels of care available. Working with care providers in hospital setting. Politics of pain and pain management. Politics of VBACs. Range of health care available in my community Local hospital policies regarding pregnancy, labor, birth, preterm birth, VBAC, Postpartum care, etc. Basic understanding of obstetrical care and interventions in the hospital. Local policies. Interventions during labor and birth pros and cons. Medications used at birth, pros and cons. “Cascade” of interventions. Evidenced based birth practices. Differences between obstetrical care and midwifery care and doula support. Key resources to support women and babies in my community.
Week 7 – Unusual Birth or Unplanned Outcomes
Difficult Labors, Difficult clients, Water births, Home birth transports, Stillborns, Grief support. Unusual Family dynamics/support, cultural competency. Doula support for C/S. Homebirth Cesarean, Grief Support for all.
Week 8 – Postpartum Doula Work
The Fourth Trimester. Postnatal care and support, Postpartum Doula work, Immediate Postpartum Support. Comfort techniques, doula role during the immediate postpartum. Postpartum depression. Mothering the New Mama. Mama and Baby Relationship. New Family dynamics. Nurturing everyone.
Week 9 – Newborn Care beyond Diapers and Breastfeeding
Basic Newborn information and Baby care for first few weeks. Basics of needs of baby (in hospital setting/ homebirth setting). Beyond the birth…what do babies need? Discussion of baby development, reflexes, bonding, soothing, sleep. Warning signs for when to refer. Review of and understanding of how to support different parenting styles. Basic review parenting styles. Resources. Basic knowledge on understanding how to support successful breastfeeding. Doula Skills and Tips for Assisting Breastfeeding challenges/concerns (Review of on-line course). Breastfeeding in special circumstances. Relactation. Newborn nutrition. Resources.
Week 10 – Business of Being a Doula
Discussion focuses on starting and setting up a Doula Business. Best practices, ethics Review (again), target markets, finances, Branding your business. Business plan 101. How to create a stream of income. Your “target market/perfect client”. Finding clients. Your networking and its value. Social Networking. Your contract. Your philosophy. Networking for Doulas Paperwork/Forms necessary for the Doula. Support for your business/ volunteer efforts. Review of paperwork recommended, etc. Your Birth as a Doula. The gift of being present at a birth. Self Care for the Doula. Mentorship. What’s next? How to start. Evaluation of class. On-going education. Skills portion of this course schedule. Global Maternity and the role of the Doula. Global implications of being a Doula/ Emergency Birth Worker with THP. Building our team.



Introduction to Herbal Medicine – An On Demand Course

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Herbs For The Childbearing Year – 6 week online course begins April 1st, 2022. Registration closes on April 15th, 2022.

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