Learn poultices, compresses, eyewashes, hydrotherapy blends, natural shampoo products and how to do it all with natural herbs!

Registration for this course will close on January 22nd, 2023.

This is an interactive course and you do not have to be at our physical campus to take the course. It can be done from any place with an internet connection. It is a 12-week long course and registration will remain open until January 22nd, 2023.


Learn how to make a wide range of topical and external herbal medicine products using a large scope of techniques and materials!

External Applications lessons include:

Herbal poultices

Medicinal and therapeutic deodorant

Natural botanical hair rinses

Herbal topical formulations

Therapeutic salves, liniments, oils and ointments

Herbal water therapy: scrubs, bath teas, hydrotherapy preparations

Herbal ear oils

Natural eye washes

How do nasya oils work

Working with herbal powders topically

Herbal sexual health

Herbal hydrosols and essential oils

Marketing, branding and apothecary basics for external products


Classes are interactive, and students work with an herbal packet that is shipped to them. All Sunday night classes are live, but are recorded for students who may need to miss a class. We recommend a foundation herbal skills course for this medicine making course.


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