This is an online course - you can participate from anywhere you have an internet connection!

**IMPORTANT NOTE – Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health concerns, this intensive will be offered online with lessons, materials, containers and herbs mailed out to enrolled students. This will be followed with a live interactive training session with instructors.

REGISTRATION IS ‘FIRST COME FIRST SERVE’. This course is open to 40 students and is offered once a year. Registration closes on October 10th, 2022.


This is 24 hours of online intensive materials for students to have even greater depth of training in certain specialty areas, followed by a live interaction session with instructors. These are designed for Apothecarists that would like to create a product line, specialize in a certain area of herbal preparations, or to set up a home apothecary. The intensive will have advanced materials not covered in the main online 12-week internal course.

***The Internal Medicine Making 12 week online course is recommended before doing the Advanced Multi-Fractional Extract intensive. * * *

Advanced Mycology Medicine Making:

Learn everything you need to know in order to begin adding potent mycellium into your herbal preparations. This intensive will cover medicinal usage, preservation, and preparations methods of mushrooms for your apothecary. Learn mycology multi-fractional techniques, and master the art of combining mushrooms with herbs in formulations and extractions to obtain good tasting and clinically potent mushroom extracts, blends, teas and other preparations. Included is a Mycology Materia Medica.

Enrolled students will receive an herbal care package of wildcrafted herbs, product materials and supplies and containers mailed to them.

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