Coming Up with The Human Path

San Antonio Community Herbal Clinic 1/17, 6pm. If you’re in the SA area, drop by to get relief for your cedar fever and winter blues, stock up on respiratory syrup and soothe those sore muscles with the very popular Worker’s Liniment. RSVP to hold your spot, and work with herbalists and apothecarists who will custom make [...]

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The Twelve Skills of Yuletide Part Two

#7.  Stock your pantry, stock your car, always be ready for anything.  Being prepared for the next big storm can start as simply as buying an extra bag of rice and gallon of water on your next trip to the store.  Do you have an emergency bag in your car [...]

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The Twelve Skills of Yuletide … Part One

#1.  Mastering the art of making medicinal cocoas and hot toddies.  Learning how to disguise herbal medicine into winter favorites like cocoa, hot apple cider or mulled spirits will keep you healthier, happier, and introduce those around you to a new way of thinking about self care.  Check out our [...]

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Advanced Austere Care Newsletter

ADVANCED AUSTERE CARE NEWSLETTER (For the advanced trained Medic) DECEMBER 2019 KITS, PACKS, & SUPPLIES LEVEL I APPLICATIONS Medical care is a complex topic. The greater the depth of care provided the more complex the whole package becomes. This includes the “logistics” of providing that care. In contemplating care in austere or medically deprived circumstances, [...]

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2017 Winter To Spring Classes

A listing of upcoming classes to usher in the spring season! click here to see the full-sized newsletter! Save

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Whats happening as the weather cools down... Save Save

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

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