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Botanical Medicine Making Workshops for 2024

Each year, The Apothecarist Program releases ten to twelve Maker’s Workshops that break down medicine making techniques into two-hour deep dives.

Each workshop is offered once a year, and cycles through 24 different topics and we mail students materials to make formulations during our live 2-hour workshops!

From hydrotherapy to multi-fractional techniques, check out what we’re doing in 2024!

Preserving Wild Edibles Workshop - July 11th, 2024
The Parent's Herbal Medicine Chest - August 8th, 2024
Self Care for the Medicine Maker Workshop - September 12th, 2024
Cold & Flu Season Lozenges, Pastilles, & Electuaries - October 10th, 2024
Making Medicinal Tea Blends - November 7th, 2024
Herbal Baby - Maker's Workshop December 5th, 2024
Herbal Aphrodisiacs Workshop - January 16th, 2025
The Botanical Bath Workshop - February 6th, 2025

Preserving Wild Edibles Workshop

Preservation methods are making a slow comeback and provide a way to hang on to the bounty of summer months long after the weather turns cool. Wild medicinals and edibles grow in the hot summer months, but fade as the cool fall weather sets in. Learn how to harvest responsibly and preserve the bounty so that you have local abundance year-round and add powerful plant medicine into your foods!

The Full 2024 Schedule
July 2024: Preserving Wild Edibles (7/11)
August 2024: The Parent’s Herbal Medicine Chest (8/8)
Sept. 2024: Self Care Medicine Making (9/12)
October 2024: Cold & Flu Electuaries (10/10)
November 2024; Medicinal Tea Blends (11/7)
December 2024: The Herbal Baby (12/5)

The Full 2025 Schedule

January 2025: Herbal Aphrodisiacs (1/16)

February 2025: The Botanical Bath (2/6)

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