Botanical Medicine Making Workshops for 2023

Each year, The Apothecarist Program releases ten to twelve Maker’s Workshops that break down medicine making techniques into two-hour deep dives.

Each workshop is offered once a year, and cycles through 24 different topics and we mail students materials to make formulations during our live 2-hour workshops!

From hydrotherapy to multi-fractional techniques, check out what we’re doing in 2023!

Botanical Cordials & Liqueurs Maker's Workshop, April 6th
Herbal Oiling Workshop - May 18th
Making Pain Relief Gummies Workshop - May 30, 2023
Herbs As Food, Herbs As Medicine, Makers Workshop: June 8th
Advanced Herbal Flavorings Maker's Workshop, July 5th
Aromatic Bitters Maker's Workshop, September 7th
Self Care for the Medicine Maker Workshop, October 2023
Multi-Fractional Chai Maker's Workshop November 9th

Herbs As Food, Herbs AS Medicine Workshop

Infuse your daily meals, spice rack and even condiments with nutrient-rich herbs that will complement healthy living and support your body systems, especially during times of stress! With the rising awareness of fermented foods and herbal mocktails, more people are becoming aware of the important role herbs can play with our health. This 2-hour workshop will give guidance as we work through several formulas and recipes that can easily be added into your kitchen routine!