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Austere Medicine Program 2024

“What will you do when there is no higher care?”

Austere Medicine is remote field medicine that can be practiced in the wilderness, in post-disaster situations and emergencies.

Our faculty of doctors and clinical herbalists integrate both worlds of medicine, and gear it primarily toward outdoor, remote and post-disaster environments.

 As a result of our intensive and interactive austere medicine program, we create amazing herbalists with a foot in both the worlds of western orthodox medicine and practical clinical herbalism.

Here are our upcoming courses!

Women's Herbal Care 3 Day Intensive - June 28 - 30th, Taos NM.
Venomous Bites & Stings Online Course - Begins July 8th
Wilderness First Aid Certification Course (Online) - July 2024
Herbal First Aid Certification - July 2025
Making Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit Course - Begins Aug. 5th
Colorado Wilderness First Aid Certification - Sept. 15 - 17th
Austere Acute Care Medicine - Begins Sept. 16th, 2024
Introduction to Water Purification - On-site Course in Taos - September 21st - 22nd. 2024
Emergency Birth Skills Course - September 28th - 29th
Emergency Off-Grid Radio 2-Day On-Site Course in Taos, September 28th - 29th, 2024
Colorado Wilderness First Responder Certification (CSCH) - Oct. 4 - 6th
Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification Course 2024, Oct. 8th
intro flowers
Introduction To Herbal Medicine - January 2025
Austere Medicine: Trauma Focus - February 2025
Wilderness First Aid Certification Hybrid Course - February 2025
Herbal First Aid Certification - February 2025

Where can you start learning right now?

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