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Ongoing Pathophysiology Modules

Every Monday morning, new course materials are released for students to download on to their computers for future personal use.  Each module will have quizzes and a final test to complete in order to pass the course.

Live Classes:  Students enrolled in the class will receive links to the live webinar on the day of the class so they can participate as well as the date of the live Q&A session.  Now that you are registered, we will have the webinar link sent out to you.  All live Q&A sessions are recorded for download as well.

Tuition Policy:  Make sure you are aware of the school’s course cancellation/transfer policy.

Tuition must be paid in full before online access is opened.

Online Classroom access to all recorded class materials posted in the online classroom are available to view for 30-days after the last class.

NEW POLICY: After 30 days, a transfer fee applies for access requests as follows: $20 for classes under $100. $35 for tuitions $100 – $299 and $50 for courses that are $300 or more.  https://herbalmedics.academy/about-us/tuition-policies/

**Make sure that you download everything that you want during the course. Do not wait until the last minute to download the material that you want to keep each week. Extended access fees will apply after the classroom is closed.


Here is a link to the Online Classroom:


Once you are enrolled in a course, we will supply you with a student profile link and a direct link to the class.